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Here's what users of eGolfRings have to say....

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Todd Sones Golf
Todd Sones
Todd Sones Impact Golf Logo


“I use the golf rings to help my players work on hitting their landing spots, controlling distance and developing the feel they need to execute at the highest levels.  The golf rings have become a staple in the teaching bag."

Todd Sones, PGA Instructor

Todd Sones Impact Zone


“One of the best short game targets used so far. Chipping & putting have never been so easy & fun to set up. Lots of variety in sizes & the setup & storage is so quick & easy! It takes setup & prep to another level so we can focus on much more skill acquisition through a variety of games & skills assessment. Thank you for making my coaching better with your great game improvement tools!"

Aki Matsumura, PGA

Teaching Professional

Aki Matsumura Golf @

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club

Mike Bender Academy Logo


“The Golf Ring has been a staple in our short game instruction at the Mike Bender Golf Academy.  Regardless of a player's skill level, the Golf Ring provides great feedback and allows golfers to practice purposefully."

Matt Wilkes, PGA

Head Instructor

Mike Bender Golf Academy



“The eGolfRing is an incredibly versatile teaching & practice tool. I've tried a variety of different products in the past to create targets for short game drills, & these are simple to set up and take down, & provide consistent shapes every time.  They fold up & store easily. I could not be more pleased with this product. I am going to recommend them to all of my students & fellow teaching pros!"

Scott Pealer

Golf Instructor

The Ohio State University

Steve Holmes Golf Logo


“I Use the rings to raise awareness, test, and to practice with all of my students from beginner to tour player.  These are the best products on the market today!"

Steve Holmes

Lead Instructor

SMH Golf Academy



"There is an old saying in motor pattern training,  'there is no good learning without feed-back'.The eGolfRings certainly provide that !  The small rings are great for short and long putts, both straight and breaking. The large ones for chips and short pitches provide an excellent learning tool, and

I highly recommend them for the advancement of short game skills!"

Bill Davis

PGA Master Professional



"eGolfRings have proved to be a simple, yet effective, way of injecting a higher level of competition, focus, and feedback into our practices. I use them for short game drills, intrasquad competitions, and even as part of our team fundraiser."

Alexis Bennett

Head Women's Golf Coach

High Point University

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